Star Trek Las Vegas 2018, Day 4 … a Galaxy-class surprise!

The Leonard Nimoy Theatre (known as the Pavilion during non-Star Trek convention days); it’s the largest auditorium at the Rio hotel.

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Now it’s the end of Day 4, and by now the whole internet is ablaze with the bombshell dropped here earlier today in the Leonard Nimoy Theatre.  In fact, I was there, in the middle of that auditorium, when the announcement was made.


I came back in at the end of the William Shatner panel (which I didn’t see most of) because I’d read earlier in the day that a ‘surprise’ was supposed to be dropped by “Star Trek: Discovery” producer Alex Kurtzman (who also cowrote and produced the Bad Robot Trek films).    To be honest, I thought the announcement had something to do with a CBS-All Access spinoff of Discovery, or maybe that oft-rumored Khan miniseries.


Kurtzman came out, teased out a surprise announcement, but said that someone was here who was better qualified to make the announcement…


… so then Sir Patrick Stewart comes out, and gives Kurtzman a big hug.  He immediately received a standing ovation from the crowd.  Stewart then told a the story about how the role of Captain Jean-Luc Picard changed him from an ‘unknown British actor’ (as he was once called in an early review) to well, the legend he is today.  He capped off the story by saying that a deal had been reached, and that after 16 years (since 2002’s “Nemesis”), he was returning to the role of Jean-Luc Picard.  Stewart said there was not yet a script, but he was committed to returning to the role.  He also implied that Picard may not return as a captain.  No one seemed to mind the lack of details; it was enough to know that the beloved character of Jean-Luc Picrad (captain or not) was returning!  The crowd’s reaction to both him and the news left Stewart visibly moved, and he received a second standing ovation.


Needless to say, I was on social media pretty damn fast after that announcement, and I’m glad as hell that I was curious enough to come back into the Leonard Nimoy Theatre (nee: The Pavilion) to hear what became the news of the convention.


While that was a huge announcement, and worthy of the buzz it’s created, it wasn’t the only event today.   Earlier on, I’d attended a Q&A session with the original “Hikaru Sulu” himself, George Takei; who talked mainly about political/social activism, and his Broadway musical “Allegiance,” which he called his “legacy project.”


He also talked about his childhood spent in a Japanese-American internment camp in Arkansas during World War 2 (a barbaric chapter in American history that seems to be repeating today, along the US border with Mexico).  These and other stories you may or may not have heard if you’ve seen Takei speak in interviews, but I still enjoy hearing him speak.  I also think US television networks really missed the boat not giving this man his own sitcom series.  Could’ve been a helluva lot funnier than “S#!t My Dad Says.”


He did touch upon his disappointment with the character of the rebooted Mr. Sulu (John Cho) being portrayed as gay for the film “Star Trek Beyond” (2016).   I never really understood Takei’s disappointment with the move, since it was intended to honor Takei’s passionate LBGTQ activism,  but I think I understand it a little better after today.  Takei said he didn’t want the original series’ Sulu to be perceived as being closeted, and that perspective made a bit more sense to me.   Nevertheless, I would argue that perhaps Sulu (TOS and reboot versions) was simply bisexual, or pansexual.  At any rate, I get Takei’s perspective a bit better, even if I don’t agree with it entirely.

Sulu’s character development in “Star Trek Beyond” (2016) was pretty disappointing to George Takei.

I’ve always liked and admired Takei’s activism, but unfortunately I didn’t get his autograph as planned, since I didn’t want to spend precious hours waiting in line.  My arthritis was killing me at this point, and I had other events I wanted to attend.  I had a hard ticket, purchased at the convention, and they were low priority for signings.  In fact, there was no guarantee that I wouldn’t have received my autograph today anyway, so I pressed and managed to get a refund.  Takei is also signing tomorrow, but I have three events planned for Sunday, and no time to wait hours for it then, either.

If I have one major gripe in what has been an otherwise delightful convention, it’s that the Creation Entertainment ‘big ticket’ autograph system is both confusing and unwieldy.  They really need to streamline it.  Those autographs cost the same whether one buys them online or not, so why prioritize one over the other?  What’s the incentive?  If I buy a ticket at the convention for the exact same prize, why am I relegated to the end of the line?  If my chances of getting a same day ticket are reduced because of the long queue, why isn’t that lesser ticket cheaper?  Frankly, the tickets are costly enough as they are, and if you are unable to get that autograph on the day, then it should be easily refundable with no questions asked.

Just my opinion; forgive the mini-rant.


Anyway, back to today’s convention highlights.  There were other panels I’d attended as well, some only for a few minutes, others for the duration.  With so much to see and do at this convention, you feel like you’re missing something somewhere if you stay in any one place too long.   There are also some celebrities that, frankly, I’ve already seen so many times at other conventions that I can almost recite most of their talking points verbatim (for me, Shatner is one of these).   Sometimes I really enjoy the smaller, less-attended panels because they’re often about things that you truly don’t hear anywhere else.

Behind-the-Scenes panel; Star Trek graphics designers Michael & Denise Okuda, FX supervisor Ronald B. Moore (not to be confused with writer/producer Ronald D. Moore), FX artist/designer Doug Drexler and production designer Herman Zimmerman.   They each told fascinating anecdotes about the making of the various Star Trek series, particularly Deep Space Nine’s wonderfully nostalgic, “Trials and Tribble-ations.” 
Behind-the-Scenes panel; Star Trek graphics designers Michael & Denise Okuda, FX supervisor Ronald B. Moore (not to be confused with writer/producer Ronald D. Moore), FX artist/designer Doug Drexler and production designer Herman Zimmerman.   They each told fascinating anecdotes about the making of the various Star Trek series, particularly Deep Space Nine’s wonderfully nostalgic, “Trials and Tribble-ations.” 
Star Trek: Voyager’s “Captain Kathryn Janeway” herself, Kate Mulgrew, who agreed to field a few “Orange Is The New Black” questions from the moderator. 
Three very talented composers on one stage: Michael Giacchino (the Bad Robot “Star Trek” movies, “Rogue One” and an Oscar winner for “Up”), Dennis McCarthy (“Star Trek: The Next Generation”) and Jeff Russo (“Star Trek: Discovery”).
Cast members from “Star Trek: Discovery”; left to right, Emily Coutts (“Lt. Detmer”), Sarah Mitich (“Lt. Commander Ariam”), Rekha Sharma (“Lt. Landry”; also played Tori Foster on “Battlestar Galactica”), Oyin Oladejo (“Lt. Owosekun”) and Sam Vartholomeos (“Ensign Danby Connor” and mirror universe’s “Captain Connor”).
Discovery panel, part 2: Mary Chieffo (“L’Rell”) and Jayne Brook (“Admiral Katrina Cornwell”).

There was also the touring exhibit of “Star Trek: Discovery” mirror-universe artifacts.  I saw the exhibit in San Diego for Comic Con a few weeks ago, though it was a bit better set-up here; with better lighting as well.

The costume of “Captain Gabriel Lorca” (Jason Isaacs).
The costume worn by “Michael Burnham” (Sonequa Martin Green) in the show’s mirror universe.
The mirror universe costume of “First Officer Keyla Detmer” (Emily Coutts).
The mirror universe costume of “Cadet Sylvia Tilly” (Mary Wiseman) as she pretended to be her savage alter-ego “Captain Killy”
The mirror universe costume of “Lt. Ash Tyler” (Shazad Latif), who is not what he appears to be…

Speaking of Star Trek: Discovery, I saw an excellent cosplayer dressed as the Klingon Kol.


There were many cosplayers.  In fact, foot traffic was pretty intense today.  In some corners of the convention, the crowd sizes seemed to rival the size of San Diego Comic Con (though the math is hardly equal, I know…but the lack of elbow room felt about the same).

Most of the cosplayers I saw today really brought their A-game.  Others were truly hilarious!

Captain (formerly Admiral) Kirk’s B-uniform, from “Star Trek: The Motion Picture.” 
“Star Trek: Discovery”‘s Captain Philipa Georgiou.
Vorta and Vulcans unite!  
The Borg Booth’s pet giraffe is dressed in “Galaxy Quest” attire. 
Two half-whites (or half-blacks?) seek justice for Charonian rabble-rouser”Lokai” from TOS Star Trek’s “Let That Be Your Battlefield.”
Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley as Klingons. 
Crew members from “Star Trek: Enterprise” take a little nap in Borg regeneration chambers.
A Borg ‘regenerates’ in its alcove.
Commander Worf from “Deep Space Nine” (or “Star Trek: First Contact”); excellent makeup job!
A cosplayer pays homage to the woman who helped get Star Trek a green light for production back in 1964, famed comedian/TV star Lucille Ball; one of the unsung heroes of Star Trek.
“Star Trek 2009″‘s Romulan bad guy “Nero” and his Starfleet family—er, ‘prisoners.’ 
“Star Trek: Discovery”‘s Dr. Culber meets the Lady Enterprise. 
Mirror-universe Spock (TOS’ “Mirror, Mirror”) meets the Romulan Commander from TOS’ “The Enterprise Incident.” 
A fistful of Datas (and a swell dame…).
Brilliant Star Trek/Planet of the Apes’ mashup.  He did a perfect Roddy McDowell “Cornelius” face, too…
A Shahna crossplay from TOS’ Star Trek’s “Gamesters Of Triskelion.” 
Pokemon’s Pekachu joins Starfleet!
Bat-Borg!  He looked REALLY cool.
Terrific drag Star Trek cosplay.

I also ran into Glenn Hetrick, makeup artist, conceptualist and owner of Alchemy Studios.  He also does some of the complex makeups and intricate designs for “Star Trek: Discovery.”   Hetrick is also a judge on the makeup competition series, “Face Off”, which my wife and I are huge fans of.


“Face Off” is currently threatened with cancellation after multiple seasons on SyFy network, though Hetrick told me that the cancellation may not be so final just yet.  I’m hopeful, anyway.  Hetrick also has an IMDB credits list as long as my arm, but very personable.  It was nice to see him just roaming the Dealer Hall like everyone else, as it reminded me that he is every inch the passionate fan as anyone here at Star Trek Las Vegas.

I also took a few money shots of the ANOVOS booth replica of the starship USS Discovery NCC-1031 once more; I’d taken many shots of their revisionist USS Enterprise, but I hadn’t really taken a good long look at Discovery.   It kinda grows on you, doesn’t it?  Especially seeing it in three dimensions.


Lastly, my interview with “Deep Space Nine” actor Aron Eisenberg (“Nog”) was postponed today; his table was swamped with foot traffic, so we rescheduled for tomorrow.  He was genuinely contrite, but I assured him it was okay.   I have another event to cover tomorrow, and some Discovery cast autographs to get later on in the day, but I’m sure we’ll make the interview happen somehow.   But if it doesn’t pan out?  That’s okay, too.   Conventions don’t always happen on a perfect schedule; but when they’re over, I try to focus on what did happen rather than what didn’t.

Anyway, that about wraps up the end of Day 4 for Star Trek Las Vegas, 2018.   More to come tomorrow, the final day of the convention.  To quote “Mr. Adventure” (Scott McGinnis) in “Star Trek III: The Search For Spock”…

“Maybe even just a surprise or two…”

Thanks again for reading!  Live Long and Prosper!

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  1. Paul Bowler says:

    Wow, what amazing guests as this convention! So exciting to hear Sir Patrick Stewart is returning as Picard as well! That will be great! So many brilliant cosplay costumes as well, especially that Bat Borg! Looks like you had a brilliant time thanks for sharing the event 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Paul! I’m pounding these posts out late every night with dark circles under my eyes and a steady diet of coffee and arthritis meds (haha). It really makes my day to hear that the effort to share these experiences is appreciated. Thanks again!

      1. Paul Bowler says:

        You’re welcome. Always enjoy reading about your visits to the conventions, and this Star Trek one has been extra special this year with the news of Picard’s return. Being in the UK, we don’t really have many big conventions like this, so its nice to get a fans perspective of these events as well, especially all the great cosplay costumes 🙂

      2. I’m more than happy to share, and I’ve got a lot more material to come in the days ahead.

        I have two full interviews with Marc Scott Zicree (writer of DS9’s “Far Beyond the Stars” and author of “The Twilight Zone Companion”) and Aron Eisenberg (DS9’s Ferengi Starfleet officer, Nog).

        I just covered another event for Star Trek Online that will appear on soon. So I’m going to be super-busy in the days ahead, but it really keeps me going to know it’s appreciated! 😉

      3. Paul Bowler says:

        That all sounds great! Will look foward to those interviews. I’ve not seem much of DS9 before, so will be nice to hear more about that/ Star Trek is always repeated on TV here, so I’m gradually catching up with all the different Star Trek series 🙂

      4. Think you’ll love DS9; watch it start to finish, and it becomes very serialized. It definitely broke new ground in binge-watching, considering it was at least a decade ahead of 24 and Breaking Bad.

      5. Paul Bowler says:

        The Trek I’ve seen and know the best are the Original Series and The Next Generation, but I’m gradually catching up with DS9 now and some Voyager too thanks to the Sci-Fi Channel & Horror Channel here in UK 🙂

  2. Not to diminish how cool it must have been to see him onstage, but isn’t Patrick Stewart returning to Picard already old news? I could have sworn that was announced weeks ago, back when they were making all the announcements about Discovery season two and other plans. I specifically seem to recall commenting to someone somewhere about being torn because I love Patrick Stewart but think very poorly of anything with Kurtzman attached.

    1. Not officially; it was speculated, but Stewart had said (as recently as this year) that his days as Picard were over, and that he’d moved on. So yeah, it was a surprise.

      As for Kurtzman? I’m not exactly his biggest fan, either (“Amazing SpiderMan 2” was one of the worst movies I’ve seen in the last 10 years, as was “Cowboys & Aliens”) but he has a very interesting stable of writers at Discovery (including Kirsten Beyer), so I think that if he is allowed to remain as producer with minimal creative/writing input, the project could be in good hands. At the very least, he knows how to keep a show afloat.

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