Star Trek at Las Vegas, day 3: Keep on trekking…

A very familiar looking bridge…but with a new Terran Empire symbol on the door.

As the familiar narrative voice of the late Majel Barrett Roddenberry might say, “Last time on Star Trek, Last Vegas…”

Star Trek Las Vegas, Day One: August 1st, 2018…

Star Trek at Las Vegas, Day Two: August 2nd, 2018…

Day three of the annual Star Trek convention in Las Vegas was a day for revisiting the sights I’d rushed over in previous days, meeting a few celebrities I hadn’t had the chance to meet, attending a few panels, and (of course) taking pictures of cosplayers.

The different generations (and alternate realities) of Star Trek meet!

Honestly, I get just as excited with cosplayers as I do with meeting my favorite celebrities.   Tomorrow will be somewhat different, since I have an interview planned with Deep Space Nine’s Aron Eisenberg (“Nog”), and I have a ticket to get an autograph from “Mr. Sulu” himself, actor/activist George Takei (I’ve wanted to meet him for years).  But today?  I took pics, attended panels and had a day full of nice little surprises.

Without further ado, I’ll just unleash my latest pics, caption them as best I can and let them tell today’s story.  Engage! 

A panel called “Inside Trek: Star Trek Authors & Their Books”; Denton Tipton & Mike Johnson from IDW Publishing (makers of Star Trek’s current line of graphic novels), author and Twitter friend of mine, Larry Nemecek (“Star Trek The Next Generation Companion” and the upcoming “Stellar Cartography”, revised edition, coming 10/2/2018) and Ethan Siegel (“Treknology”).  This was a particularly interesting panel, covering scientific/technological ethics of the Star Trek universe.
A Starfleet officer is Gorn to be wild…
Two dashing, sophisticated young Gorns take on the town!
A family in “Star Trek: Discovery” ‘mirror-universe’ cosplay has an encounter with Discovery costar (and “Battlestar Galactica” veteran) Rekha Sharma, who played the ill-fated “Lt. Landry” on Discovery.
A Starfleet officer with the “space spaniel” from TOS Star Trek’s “The Enemy Within,” and a miner from TOS’ “The Devil in the Dark” poses with some freshly hatched baby Hortas.
Actor Felix Silla, most famous for playing “Twiki” the android on “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century” (1979-81), and “Cousin Itt” from “The Addams Family” (1964-66).  He also played a Talosian in the original Star Trek pilot episode “The Cage” and many other roles that pretty much defined my childhood.
“Just plain Garak.”  Actor (and novelist) Andrew Robinson of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, played resident Cardassian ‘tinker, tailor, soldier, spy’ Garak (who was anything but plain). Robinson is also well-known for playing the “Scorpio Killer” in 1971’s original “Dirty Harry.”  I also had a chance to talk with him about his role as the late pianist/entertainer, “Liberace” in the definitive TV biopic of 1988.
Keeping up with the Cardassians…
… and yet another (extremely well-done) Cardassian makeup job!
Blind telepath “Miranda Jones” from the TOS Star Trek episode, “Is There In Truth No Beauty?”
Star Trek: The Next Generation cosplay: “Keylar” (Worf’s mate) from “Emissary”/”Reunion,” and Commander Riker’s seductive little outfit from “Angel One.”
Klingon cosplayers, including Chancellor Gorkon, Azetbur and General Chang; from the 1991 feature film “Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country”; one of my favorites…
“Jaylah” cosplayer from “Star Trek Beyond” (2016).  She was the best Jaylah I’d seen this week…
The space tardigrade from “Star Trek: Discovery” (2017).   #GreenTipGuy
Counselor Deanna Troi’s mother “Lwaxanna”, from Star Trek: The Next Generation.
From TOS’ Star Trek, “Squire of Gothos”; Yeoman Teresa Ross and the omnipotent ‘little boy’ Trelane…
Deep Space Nine 25th reunion panel; including James Darren (1960s “Time Tunnel” star who played holographic lounge singer Vic Fontaine) and Andrew Robinson (“Just plain Garak…”).
More from the “Deep Space Nine” panel: Chase Masterson (“Leeta”), Nicole deBoer (“Ezri Dax”) and writer/producer Ira Steven Behr, who had a great hand in shaping the consistent quality and integrity of the series.
Actor Rainn Wilson (“Juno” “The Office”) plays famous Trek con man “Harry Mudd” on Star Trek Discovery.  He is interviewed by Scott Mantz, from Access Hollywood.  Mantz is an unabashed fan of the classic Star Trek series.
Star Trek: The Next Generation reunion: Jonathan Frakes (“Will Riker”) and his ‘imzadi’ Marina Sirtis (“Deanna Troi”)
^ Star Trek Next Generation reunion part 2: Gates McFadden (“Dr. Beverly Crusher”) and Michael Dorn (“Worf”); below is Dorn with Denise Crosby (the ill-fated former security chief, “Tasha Yar”).  Crosby is the granddaughter of the late crooner Bing Crosby.


More Next Generation cast members unexpectedly crash a panel on the Star Trek Cruises: Actor John de Lancie (“Q”) answered a question of mine of what he enjoys most about the cruise; his answer, just about everything…especially the drinks.
Next Generation cast members Dorn, Crosby, McFadden, Frakes, Star Trek: Voyager alum Ethan Philips (“Neelix”) and de Lancie.   I was front-row center at this panel, when most of the TNG cast just showed up!


The Next Generation cast were followed by Deep Space Nine cast member Chase Masterson, who is truly one of the most congenial members of the Star Trek cast I’ve ever met.  I had the pleasure of interviewing her for back in March, and she was delightful.  She founded a sci-fi themed anti-bullying charity called Pop Culture Hero Coalition, at
From the TOS Star Trek episode, “Assignment Earth”;  Agent Gary Seven and his ‘cat’ Isis, in her feline and human forms…
A Romulan commander gives me a Imperial salute at Starbucks!
A Starfleet officer and the omnipotent “Q” from Star Trek: The Next Generation.
Unexpected “Deep Space Nine” reunion: Cirroc Lofton (“Jake Sisko”) and Terry Farrell (“Jadzia Dax”).  Farrell recently got married to Leonard Nimoy’s son Adam Nimoy, who was standing off to the side, and I couldn’t get his photo.   Nimoy recently made a documentary about his late father called “For The Love of Spock” (2016), and is currently producing a documentary on Deep Space Nine.
Actor/producer/writer/director Vic Mignogna, of the superior fan film series, Star Trek Continues.
“Shakespeare and the Trek-verse” panel, with Grace Moore, Star Trek Discovery’s Mary Chieffo (“L’Rell”), Amy Imhoff, Annika Dave and Brooke Wilkins.  The panel was witty and informative, drawing upon the many parallels (deliberate and unintended) between the works of Shakespeare and Star Trek.
Mary Chieffo talks about the way Shakespeare informed the L’Rell character, as well as the Klingon culture and use of language.  I’d met Chieffo last year at this same convention (before “Star Trek: Discovery” premiered) and she was a very sweet girl.  I wished her and her new crew all the best!
Elegantly robed Vulcan master…
… and another elegantly robed Vulcan master, @lasvegasvulcan Barbara Myers, who writes Vulcan calligraphy and makes Vulcan character stones, which she gives out for free.  A gracious cosplayer, who exemplifies the generous spirit and kindheartedness I often see at Star Trek conventions.
From Star Trek: The Next Generation: a “Guinan” cosplayer was waiting at “Quark”‘s bar.  She looked so right standing at that bar that I just had to take her picture.  Even the lighting was perfect!

Anyway, that about wraps up Day Three for this tired old Trekkie.  Plenty more to come in the days ahead, as I continue my coverage of the final two days of Star Trek Las Vegas 2018.  

Next week, I will be publishing my interviews with Aron Eisenberg and Marc Scott Zicree as well, and I hope you will enjoy them.

Thanks for reading!  Live long and prosper…



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