My name is Sebastian, and I’m a politically/socially progressive, middle-aged geek who merely wishes to share my thoughts on things I enjoy.

I’m a fan of science fiction, obscure movies/TV shows, real-life space endeavors, comic books, and (in future posts) my convention experiences.   I’ve been happily married to a wonderful (and infinitely patient) lady geek for nearly 18 years.   We have a modest, quiet little suburban life here in Southern California, and we are frequent convention goers, particularly Comic Con San Diego and WonderCon in Anaheim/L.A.

I’ve worked many long years in retail (too many!) and am in early retirement, partly due to physical difficulties with chronic arthritis.   I’m also dabbling in free-lance journalism for a sci-fi website.  You can usually catch me at Comic Con or Wonder Con wearing my Fred Flintstone caveman ‘dress’ (and usually bumping into things because I’m not wearing one of my many pairs of glasses…).

Live long and prosper!