Update for regular readers; a lot of fresh geeky content, coming soon…

This column is for regular readers/subscribers of this site, and don’t worry—it’s NOT bad news. Despite a lack of published content this week, this column is still going plenty strong. In fact, I’m taking a little breather this week, because I’ve got back-to-back events coming next week that I’m very eager to cover for this site.

Coming soon!
The Academy Museum in Los Angeles.

First up, my wife and I are finally scheduled to visit the by-appointment only Academy Museum in Los Angeles on Monday, March 21st. My understanding is that certain exhibits within the facility can’t be photographed, but most of the museum is open to photos and video, so I hope to bring readers a well-rounded virtual tour, no later than Wednesday. This is my first time at the newly-opened museum, and I’m terribly excited.

“You’re gonna need a bigger museum….”
The partially-created JAWS prop designed by Greg Nicotero (“The Walking Dead”) that I saw during my visit to the JAWS: The Art of Fear in Filmmaking exhibit I saw at Catalina Island, five years ago.

Looking very forward to seeing Greg Nicotero’s restored JAWS shark at the museum, rebuilt using exact specifications for the movie’s original mechanical shark. Five years ago, I saw a partial restoration Nicotero created for the “JAWS: The Art of Fear in Filmmaking” exhibit at a local museum on Catalina Island (a small island venue for a JAWS exhibit—how cool was that?). I’m also looking forward to seeing the museum’s priceless treasure trove of props, costumes and artwork, most of them lovingly restored for exhibition. I promise to deliver all the details, whether I’m allowed to photograph them or not.

Beam me baby, one more time…
Back to Starfleet Command—er, the Anaheim Convention Center (which doubles as Starfleet Command in “Star Trek: Picard”).

And on Thursday, March 23rd, my wife and I leave for our three-day weekend at WonderCon 2023 in Anaheim. We’re hoping to check in early and get settled into our hotel well ahead of the weekend’s events.

And thanks to you, my faithful readers, this marks my first year attending WonderCon with an official press pass! Yay! Power of the press, baby (hehe). I’ve had press clearance for other events and conventions, such as Star Trek Las Vegas (which I’ve covered for Trekcore in years past), but this marks my first official press pass for WonderCon, which also applies to this summer’s Comic Con in San Diego!

“She’s a fembot, baby!”
Steve Austin, Jamie Sommers and Dr. Rudy Wells take a good look at Austin Powers’ greatest nightmare in “The Six Million Dollar Man”/”Bionic Woman” crossover event, “Kill Oscar Goldman,” Parts 1,2 and 3.

So, for this week I’m taking a bit of needed downtime, as I prepare myself for these back-to-back events (hey…I’m an old man). After next week, I promise to get back into my retro-reviews and movie/TV deep dives as well, including a forthcoming feature on “The Bionic Woman,” which I’m still in the process rewatching for this column—hey, it’s a tough job, but some poor geek’s gotta do it, right?

Stay tuned!
Take care.

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  1. Paul Bowler says:

    Have a brilliant time!

    1. Thanks Paul!

  2. Rod McGreal says:

    Thanks for all the great content.

    1. I try.
      Much appreciated!

  3. firemandk says:

    Have fun there , hope the weather is good , this week we have more rain in store in Central Coastal California as my wife and I weed a double lot of 1-1/2 foot high grass at my dad’s house …fun times …would rather be where you are going to be ..on a positive note, I did get the camper back on the truck after 2+ Years …. maybe a Disneyland trip at the end of summer ?????

    1. Hey, Disneyland is a blast! Sounds fun. My column for the Academy Museum is up now. Hope you enjoy it.

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