My Trekcore interview with Rekha Sharma…

Commander Landry in both the prime and mirror universes of Star Trek. Interestingly, Landry’s ‘evil’ mirror version is played more sympathetically than her prime counterpart.

On my recent pilgrima–er, visit to the annual Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas, I was asked by my friend Bob Stutzman to do an interview for with Rekha Sharma, who played “Commander Ellen Landry” (both Prime and Mirror Universe incarnations) in the first season of “Star Trek: Discovery,” as well as President Laura Roslin’s aide (and Final Fifth Cylon) “Tory Foster” on the 2003-2009 reboot of “Battlestar Galactica”, which is one of my favorite TV series of all time.

Former presidential aide and reborn Cylon Tory Foster (Sharma) snatches Cally’s baby before sending her out of a Viper launch tube (!) in Battlestar Galactica S4’s “The Ties That Bind” (2009).

Sharma was at the convention promoting her return to the role of Commander Landry for the ongoing video game “Star Trek Online”, specifically the new “Rise of Discovery” expansion pack, a prequel to her first appearance on the live-action series which will see the Prime universe version of Landry back in action at Captain Gabriel Lorca’s side (Jason Isaacs returns to voice Lorca as well), and we also learn some of the tragic circumstances that helped to make Landry the angry young woman we see in the first season of “Star Trek: Discovery.”

Commander Landry as she is rendered in Star Trek Online: Rise Of Discovery (voiced by Sharma).

The link to the full interview on is HERE:

Rekha Sharma’s first step into the Star Trek universe in “Star Trek Continues”…

“Star Trek: Discovery” wasn’t Sharma’s first trip to the Star Trek universe; she also had a role as scientist Avi Samara in the superlative fan film series “Star Trek Continues” in the episode “Still Treads the Shadow”, with series star/creator Vic Mignogna, who also plays Captain Kirk.

Sharma (“Sarita Malik”) gets tortured by her real-life friend Charles Mesure (“Kyle Hobbs”), a scene that was very difficult for the actors to get through…

Sharma also had many other roles in sci-fi television, including Dr. Harden on the 2001 Superman prequel “Smallville” as well as the 2009 reboot of “V”, where she played a duplicitous “visitor” (an alien lizard-in-human-guise) named Sarita Malik (the alien character’s assumed human name). The kindly Sharma has a knack for playing morally ambiguous, or even downright dangerous characters …. which is in direct contrast to her personality.

Interviewing Sharma on behalf of my friend Bob was a pleasure, and I hope to have a chance to interview her again someday.

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  1. Nancy says:

    I’ve enjoyed many of her roles! How great that you got to meet her!

  2. We actually met a year before, at a Doctor Who convention in L.A. I was in costume at the time (my “Stone Trek” mashup), but she remembered it when we started the interview (she has a great memory, I have to say… and a sense of humor!); here’s a pic from our first encounter…

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