Feel the 4th…

The opening crawl that started it all….of course, in 1977 it didn’t have that annoying “New Hope” monicker slapped onto it.

On this May the 4th, I wanted to celebrate this long-lived, alternately joyous and maddening franchise that I’ve loved since it first transported my chubby, 10-year old self into that wondrous galaxy far, far away….

I’ve written quite a bit on the SW universe in this young blog, so I will repost links to my earlier Star Wars-related entries here:

Cinematic Star Wars

“Rogue One”: a spoiler-filled review

“To me, she’ll always be royalty…” RIP Carrie Fisher, 1956-2016

Happy Life Day! The holiday season in fandom…

I plan to do another retrospective on May 25 (Star Wars’ actual 40th birthday).  In the meantime, feel the 4th around you, and May the 4th be with you…always.


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