“Woman in Motion” (2019) opens a hailing frequency to a remarkable lady…

I’m terribly saddened by the passing of this magnificent lady, whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting on several occasions. This documentary, “Woman in Motion” (2019), which I reviewed last year, makes for a better testament of Nichols’ amazing life than I ever could, so I’m choosing not to type through tears, and will let this post do the talking.

Nichelle Nichols is forever a queen, and her legacies, in entertainment and for NASA, will continue inspiring others to reach for the stars…

Rest in power, Nichelle Nichols.

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To those, like myself, who’ve ever met Nichelle Nichols at a sci-fi convention, you get a feeling of being in the presence of royalty; she is both charming and regal, yet disarming with her earthly candor (and her laugh). Director Todd Thompson has assembled a documentary that tells many of the tales I’ve heard over the years (both in print and in person at conventions) but with firsthand input from Star Trek’s First Lady herself, as well as many others. Released as a Fathom Events limited theatrical release in 2019, “Woman in Motion: Nichelle Nichols, Star Trek, and the Remaking of NASA” offers a small slice of sci-fi TV history, but far more importantly, a look at how Nichols parlayed that initially limited TV success into changing the future of the American space program forever. That may sound like hyperbole to someone not in the know, but it’s…

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  1. It feels counter-intuitive to hit like on a post about the death of someone but your words better articulate my feeling than I can. Nichelle Nichols was a special person who had a positive impact on a lot of lives. She will be missed.

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    1. scifimike70 says:

      Nichelle as Uhura was one of the first powerful women’s roles on television I saw when I was a kid. I’ll miss her too.

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