Happy holidays from a Middle-Aged Geek…

A greeting card from a friend who knows me all too well…

To those who’ve subscribed to this site as well as any/all casual readers, I just wanted to wish you and yours a happy holiday season, be it Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, Life Day or other (all alien holidays welcome, too). Best wishes for 2019 as well!

Geek chic is EVERYWHERE: Jack Skellington, overseeing the sale of booze and batteries at my local grocery store…

Two years in now, 200 stories published with more to come in the year ahead, including coverage/reviews of select movies/TV/streaming, as well as exclusive convention coverage of Comic Con San Diego, WonderCon Anaheim, Gallifrey One in Los Angeles, Star Trek at Las Vegas, IMATS in Pasadena, and a new (rapidly growing) kid on the block, Comic Con Revolution in Ontario, California.

R2-D2 and friend, carefully overseeing the transfer of cookies…

Musings of a Middle-Aged Geek has kept me nicely busy this year. Lots of on-site convention coverage (many nights of fast-and-furious hotel room typing & cursing), including exclusive interviews with Aron Eisenberg (“Nog” on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), author/screenwriter/producer/director (“Mr. Sci-Fi”) Marc Scott Zicree (“Twilight Zone Companion” “Space Command” “Star Trek: The Next Generation” “Deep Space Nine”) as well as a http://trekcore.com interview with actress/singer/producer/activist Chase Masterson.

Aron Eisenberg: The Man Behind the Mask.

A boy and his moogie: “Leeta” (Chase Masterson) takes to the stage with her Starfleet officer stepson “Nog” (Aron Eisenberg), both in their Bajoran and Ferengi makeups, respectively. Chase Masterson and Aron Eisenberg are two wonderful hew-mons!


Marc Scott Zicree: Mr. Sci-Fi Part 1, from The Twilight Zone to the Final Frontier…


Author/screenwriter/producer Marc Scott Zicree (flanked by Avery Brooks & Terry Farrell) poses with the cast of Deep Space Nine during production of the season 6 episode, “Far Beyond The Stars”, based on Zicree’s story.

Marc Scott Zicree: Mr. Sci-Fi Part 2, more from the final frontier, the new adventures of Space Command and beyond…


Chase Masterson Trekcore.com interview.


I’d like to thank all of my interview subjects for being so kind and generous with their time. I sincerely hope that any future interviews I manage to obtain for this site go at least half as well.

These might be a bit small for Chewbacca’s feet….

It’s been my life’s pleasure to share my geeky/nerdy adventures with you, and I hope to continue to do so for as long as my creaky, aged body holds out. May the force of others be with you and your loved ones throughout the holidays and in the years to come. Thanks again for your readership… it means a lot to this middle-aged geek.

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  1. Happy holidays, Sebastian. It’s good to be back in touch. Reminds me of the old days.

    1. Thanks, and you too!

  2. Paul Bowler says:

    Wishing you all a very happy holiday season 🙂

  3. Harsimar says:

    “fast-and-furious hotel room typing & cursing”, I love this phrase! 😂
    Happy Holidays!

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