’Twas the week before “Jedi”….


‘Twas the week before “Jedi”, and out in the void
Kylo ’n troopers were stirring; and one little droid
Green wreaths were hung on the doors with care,
In hopes that Luke Skywalker soon would be there;
The rebels were ready, all snug in their ships,
One more week to blow the First Order to bits…


I swung by our ‘designated Star Wars theater’ today, and it’s not the same theater where we saw “The Force Awakens” and “Rogue One” in previous years.   This year, we found something better.

This year my wife and I discovered the revamped Galaxy Luxury Theater (in Riverside, California) and wow… big, plush (soft!), motorized recliners with a swinging/folding table to put your food on while you watch the movie (!), a bar in the lobby, and reserved seating (so no more waiting in all-day lines for decent Star Wars seats anymore!! Yayyyy!!!).  And their giant Dolby Atmos theaters (one for 2D and one for 3D) are just amazing.   I’m also glad that you have the option of not seeing the Dolby Atmos screening in 3D.


To be honest, I’m not a big fan of 3D unless it’s the movie’s native format (such as 2009’s “Avatar” or the Pixar movies).  I don’t relish the idea of wearing glasses over my glasses, and I find up-converted 3D movies to look a bit visually  ‘cluttered.’   Galaxy’s Atmos theater gives you choices, and I for one, appreciate that.  We saw “Blade Runner 2049” in that format (twice) and the presentation was absolutely top-notch; rivaling screenings I’ve seen in Los Angeles.

^ These seats are ridiculously comfortable; Galaxy Luxury Theaters are worth seeking out…

So, we decided that Galaxy Luxury Theaters (Galaxy… aptly named too, hehe) would be this year’s “Star Wars theater” (and probably for as long as Disney keeps pumping out Star Wars movies).

So, with our tickets bought last month, you could say my wife and I (and our loyal moviegoing friend) are more than ready to see “The Last Jedi” next Friday (the 15th), and I promise a full review on this blog as soon as possible.

No,  I’m not excited.   Not one bit.  Not at all.  Nope.  No sirreee…..



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  1. Lady Maneth says:

    Yay, we have Dolby Atmos in our local SCAPE theater, the sound is amazing and IMO worth paying extra for, especially in combination with 4K. I agree with you on that 3D is mostly a gimmick and I have the same problem with glasses that you do. Reserved seating is a must, at least for crowded showings.

    1. There are rare exceptions for 3D, but on the whole, I prefer regular old-school 2D on a nice, big screen.

  2. I have never once seen a movie in 3D, and have no plans to start anytime soon. I’m too cheap to pay the extra cost, and what was wrong with 2D, anyway?

    *Harrumphing noises.*

    Anyway, I’ll probably see Last Jedi at some point. Despite my ambivalence toward Star Wars as a whole, I did end up seeing the last one, and I kind of liked it. Ish. I like Daisy Ridley, anyway.

    I’ll wait a few weeks for the crowds to die down, though.

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