WonderCon Recap Day 3: Last Day…

As they used to say on multi-part TV shows, ‘First, some scenes from Part One…’

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‘…and here are scenes from Part 2…’

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‘…and now, the exciting finale of WonderCon 2017 in Anaheim!’

WonderCon 2017 Day 3 was a bit more relaxed (okay, I may have exaggerated a bit about the exciting part…).

The morning began with my wife deciding to cosplay, and she created a wonderful “Snowflake With Attitude” costume.   She did her entire face and hands in a frosted blue/white/gray face-paint design and white wig that were very effective!  She created the makeup design in about an hour (!), and the final effect was truly stunning. Once she was ready, we walked together to the convention.   I wasn’t wearing my Fred Flintstone suit that day, since I had to drive us home, and I really didn’t feel like changing back to street clothes after we’d just checked out of our hotel.  Not to mention that I’d already wore it twice that weekend, and while it was still fairly clean, I’m a bit of a hygiene geek.  I’d hate to be one of those types you hear about at conventions/sporting events who suffer from a lack of personal hygiene skills and stink up the place (sadly, I’ve smelled a few of those in my day, but luckily they’re a relatively small fraction of the overall attendees at conventions…).

Snowflake… with attitude! 

Anyway, my wife’s ‘cool cosplay’ (sorry; had to say it) got some notices as we walked.   And as we entered the convention center lobby, we saw a group of impressive “Game Of Thrones” cosplayers who immediately called her over to pose with them.   Since her costume was vaguely  reminiscent of the “White Walkers” of the show, she seemed a natural fit, despite her modern (all-white) street clothes.   They loved her, and I was very proud, since she literally threw the whole costume and makeup together on the last day before we left for the convention (!).   My wife is insanely talented, and that is no exaggeration…

Once in the Dealer Hall, we met up with our longtime convention-going partner-in-crime Alison (who also introduced me to my wife almost 20 years ago!), and after a few minutes of walking around together, we decided to divide-and-conquer; since we each have our own areas of focus and interest.   In my opinion, the divide-and-conquer strategy makes for a more satisfying personal convention experience; and we also acquire fun little stories to tell each other later on when we do meet up again.   So my wife and Alison paired off together, and I went off to take pics.


Hawkman and Hawkwoman (top) and Star Wars’ General Grievous (above); a brilliant costume with the operator working underneath Grievous’ cloak…

One of the things on their agenda was the panel for the TV series, “Lucifer”, which was in the part of the convention center called the Arena.   I went to the Arena to see them once more, but didn’t stay since I’m not a fan of that show (to be honest, I’ve never really seen it, beyond a few clips).   I wasn’t on a specific ‘mission’ when I left; I was just soaking it all in one last time before I headed back to the hotel.

After an hour or so, the blisters that began forming the previous day (those f–king Fred Flintstone sandals!) were starting to smart a bit, so I decided to grab a sandwich and soda at the Arena Grill (a tiny little snack bar nearby), eat, and head on back to the hotel.

Anaheim Convention Center’s Arena; the largest single venue for WonderCon…
“You are getting sleepy….”

Since we’d already checked out that morning, I just found a big, comfy, purple chair in the lobby, got out my headphones, and watched CNN on my trusty iPad Mini (just love the DirecTV app!).  While I was relaxing and cooling off my pained footsies, I happened to see a familiar “Jurassic World” jeep pull up; the same one I’d seen two days before.  It was the jeep belonging to Cat Roberts (one of the actors/volunteers involved with the exceptionally well-made fan series, Star Trek Continues) and her husband.  I called out to them.  At first, they didn’t recognize me without the Fred suit (and for the fact that I was now wearing my glasses; which I’m utterly blind without, by the way…).  So Cat and her husband came over and we talked about the show for a bit.

Cat Roberts (“Star Trek Continues”) and her husband, who’s also worked on the series.  I loved their shirts, which also matched their Jurassic World-themed Jeep!

I’d just seen their latest episode the day before on my trusty iPad (Episode 8: “Still Treads the Shadow” ) and, as usual, I was deeply impressed by the high production values and perfect recreation of the ’60s Star Trek.   I just love this fan series, and can’t recommend it enough.   During the conversation we also talked about my wife’s costume, which they’d seen and liked, but didn’t realize we were together (they hadn’t met her yet).  Anyway as they went off to find their kids and to shop,  I resumed my oh-so-thrilling ‘sitting and chilling’ strategy.

Soon Jules arrived at the hotel lobby.   She got there about five minutes after Cat and her family left; a shame, since I was kinda hoping they’d meet.  The Roberts’ were nice folks and I applaud their zeal & passion for science fiction/fandom.   It was also a funny full circle; Cat Roberts was literally the very first person I’d seen on Friday when I walked out of the hotel in my Fred costume, and she was one of the last people I’d seen before my wife and I left for home.

Anyway, we stuffed some goodies into our car and left Anaheim for the half-hour trip home.   So ended WonderCon 2017.

Before I sign off on this entry, here are a few of my favorite moments from WonderCon 2017:

Nichelle Nichols (“Lt. Uhura” from classic Star Trek) signing autographs in front of a bridge mockup, with Spock and McCoy wax mannequins in the background… I know this sounds nerdy, but this was a bit surreal for me; seeing “Uhura” on the bridge once again!
Actor Herb Jefferson Jr. (“Boomer” of the original Battlestar Galactica TV series) talks to fans after the Battlestar panel; he gave a touching tribute to his late costar Richard Hatch and series’ creator Glen Larson. I’ve met Jefferson at conventions many times before, and he is a true gentleman.
Actress Ann Robinson, star of the 1953 classic “War of the Worlds,” as well as its 2005 remake (where she worked with Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise). She was a lovely lady, and she jokingly crept up behind me and did the famous “Martian shoulder tap” (I’d just told her that scene scared me as a little kid…she had a great sense of humor!).
The cosplay at WonderCon was both logistically impressive and very clever…
Ronald McDonald/Thor mashup… once again, the out-of-the-box inventiveness (and humor) of some of the cosplayers at WonderCon just amazes me!
Me (my stupid eyes half-closed, of course…) and model/actress Marli Renfro, who doubled for Janet Leigh in “Psycho” (the shower scene; every shot where you didn’t see Leigh’s face was Renfro) and one of the first Playboy bunnies. She had interesting stories to tell, including working on an early student film by a young Francis Ford Coppola (!). We had a nice chat and she autographed a copy of her book for me.
Margaret Kerry, the actress whose performance became the physical template for “Tinkerbell” in the original 1953 Disney classic, “Peter Pan.”
Me, on the bridge of the USS Enterprise bridge, with Spock and McCoy; having my own ‘trouble with Tribbles’…

And here is the link to the complete WonderCon 2017 album on Flickr:

WonderCon 2017 album, via Flickr

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Okay, I’m done now.  Really.  I’m leaving… I swear! (fingers lifting from keyboard…)

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